Western New Democrates

About the NDP

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is a movement for change and progess in Canada. Since its creation in 1961 (and indeed, the party’s history traces at least as far back as 1932 when it was the CCF,) New Democrats have fought for dignity, equality, and respect for all persons.

It was the NDP’s first leader, Tommy Douglas who oversaw the creation of Canada’s first universal medicare system. New Democrats were on the forefront of the fight for equal marriage. And New Democrats are champions of addressing poverty and homelessness issues.

The NDP is currently forming provincial governments in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and has previously in Ontario, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory. The NDP is a progressive democratic socialist party. It sits on the left side of the political spectrum, whereas the Liberals are centre and the Conservatives are on the right side. For more information on the difference between progressive and conservative parties here is a pamphlet courtesy of the University of Victoria New Democrats.