Western New Democrates

Where we stand on the Issues

Jack Layton and the NDP believe prosperity and social justice can go hand in hand. By investing in each other and cleaning our environment, hard-working Canadians can together seize the enormous potential of the 21st century.

Better public health careHard-working Canadians want quality, reliable health care for everyone, not just those who can afford to buy it. The NDP created public medicare in this country, and we have innovative ideas to secure its future while improving patient care.
Clean air, land and waterEveryday Canadians want to move from a polluting economy to a sustainable one so coming generations can prosper in good health. Canada’s NDP has practical solutions to protect our air, land and water
Accessible education & trainingCanada’s prosperity depends on how well we can equip new generations of workers with the skills they’ll need in a 21st-century economy — and they shouldn’t have to mortgage their futures to get them.
Towards equality for womenThe NDP believes that women’s equality is fundamental to this country and is committed to achieving it in every walk of life — from the make-up of the House of Commons, to pay equity, to childcare.
Confronting Poverty in CanadaPoverty denies us freedom and hope, and it’s the biggest single factor in ill health. Confronting poverty means recognizing the human dignity in everyone—and our responsibility to help those neighbours who fall through the cracks.
Electoral reform: make every vote countFor government to be fair and to work for ordinary Canadians, we have to know that every vote counts. Unfortunately Canada’s current voting system was invented before electricity — it’s an archaic system that leaves many voters unrepresented and without a voice